And So It Begins!

And so it begins! I have finally told my family & now it is time to announce the news to everyone else…I’m moving to Saskatchewan to teach for the year! I still cannot even believe it myself, it seems so surreal! This has been one of the biggest decisions I have ever had to make in my life – I have so many different emotions: nervous, scared, excited, thrilled; definitely a mixed bag of things.

So to go into some detail as to where I will be heading: I will be teaching and living in the city of North Battleford. It is a fairly small place, but I am only an hour away from Saskatoon, where they have many of the same stores as Ontario does (it’s not the boonies as I was originally imaginging). I am also only about four hours away from Edmonton, so who knows, I might be able to catch an Oilers game at some point! I plan on living in the same city that I will be teaching in, but I have not started apartment searching just yet.

In terms of my teaching position, I will be teaching grade 4! I have had two practicum placements with a grade 4 classroom in the past, so I am very excited to teach this grade. I also had a couple of fantastic associate teachers from my final year of placement. Both teachers gave me great resources and programs that I will be able to implement within my own classroom, so I am pretty confident that my planning will go well this summer.

This is such a big opportunity for me, considering teaching positions in Ontario are so bleak at the moment. I am truly blessed with having my family to support me on this decision. It is going to be a fantastic year! My plan for the rest of the summer is to finish up my two AQ courses, plan for the upcoming school year, get settled into my new life in Saskatchewan, but most importantly, I am going to enjoy the remaining months of summer that I have left with my family. Below is a picture from my graduation party – I found out just in time that I had secured a full-time position for September, so I was able to surprise all of my relatives with my good news on the day of the party!



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