Living a Day in La Pura Vida

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Way back in 2009…

Our cruise shipped arrived at the port of Limon, the second largest city in all of Costa Rica. We loaded a bus which took us to where our tour would begin – I had convinced my mom to do a kayaking tour in the Costa Rican rainforest. Neither of us have ever done anything like this, let alone been in an actual rainforest. It would be a tour of many firsts for my mom and I, but we were eager to get going. Upon arriving at our tour destination, we went over some safety procedures, some paddling suggestions, and then we were off!

We began paddling through a small river, which eventually fed into a larger river. Our final stop was going to be at a beach about an hour away from our starting point. A lot of paddling, but this would be no ordinary beach we were heading towards. This coast hugged the Pacific Ocean, a body of water I had yet to dip my feet into.


Along our trek, we came across many different tropical plants and trees that were breathtaking, including some spotting’s of banana trees. We were even so lucky to have spotted monkeys and a sloth during our kayak trip!

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 7.49.24 PM

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 7.50.02 PM

We finally arrived at the beautiful beach, where we were able to break for lunch. We spent about an hour eating and walking up and down along the beautiful coast.






After spending some time at the beach we got back into our kayaks and paddled back to our starting point. It was a lot harder paddling back, because we were now going against the current. However, with a view of Arenal Volcano as we paddled back, how could one complain? I thought Carnival Cruise put on such a fantastic tour to explore and get a sense of Costa Rica in just a day. I had never done a nature-related tour before in my life prior to this one, but this is what sparked my new-found love for the outdoors and it is now one of my favourite types of tourism!

From What I Know Now:

According to travel blogs I have been reading lately on Costa Rica, this country that was once an absolute top spot for backpackers to visit and explore, however it is no longer an ideal location to stop. Why? One word: prices. Since more and more snow birds from Canada and the United States have been buying up property and renting places in this hot climate of a country, Costa Rica has been jacking up the prices, because, well, they can. This unfortunately means higher rates of travel for backpackers as well. A beautiful country to explore with a lot of natural beauty and adventures to take on, but something to definitely consider if you are travelling on a budget!


Have you ever travelled to Costa Rica?

What tours would you recommend to be a must if you were only visiting for a day or two?


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