In Search of the Perfect Camera Bag

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With our Scotland trip approaching faster than ever, there are still a few things to get together before we set off. One of those was a new camera bag. I had been searching for something that some might deem impossible, something that only exists in one’s imagination other would say. Usually how it goes, doesn’t it? You have a picture in your mind of what you want, but in reality, you can’t have it all and you have to make some sacrifices, adjustments, and alternations to your wants vs. needs list. Same goes for when you are shopping for a camera bag. Below are my essential wants and needs for the bag I was in search of:


  • To fit wallet, passport, camera and water bottle
  • Cross-body – needs to look like a purse (backpacks are too bulky)
  • Light-weight & compact so I don’t throw out my shoulder & easy to take when travelling


  • To look fashionable, not ugly

Not huge lists, but it gave me a starting point when searching for my perfect camera luggage. After much searching and reviews I read, here is what I purchased:


The Metrosafe 200 GII Anti-Theft Shoulder Bag from Pacsafe


Quite the mouthful of a name for such a small bag, but don’t judge a book by it’s cover, the Metrosafe may look small, but it’s a Mary Poppins sort of bag from the inside. Let me show you:


The Metrosafe is a compact travel bag, that not only fits my Nikon D3100, but also my wallet, a travel guide, and it will hold my passport and additional small items I may collect on my travels. It even has two side pockets which can hold a water bottle and an umbrella.


There are several pockets on the inside and out, providing me with lots of storage for my day-to-day items I will need when travelling. This bag also has anti-theft features, such as the locking hooks on your shoulder strap, so you can strap your bag to a chair when at a restaurant, a slash proof strap, as well as an RFIDsafe blocking pocket to help protect your personal data. Also Pacsafe has built in stainless steel wire mesh panels into the bag so that your bag cannot be slashed!


Another neat anti-theft feature is that you can attach your zippers to your security hooks in order to prevent pickpockets opening your bag! I actually had my bag opened by a pickpocket when I travelled to Italy my first time. My main compartment with my money and passport I had locked up, but the smaller pockets that were not locked were all opened by the time I got back on the tour bus. Believe me when I say I think I’ll be able to breathe easier on my third return to Europe – thank you Pacsafe!


What sold me besides it fitting my SLR and wallet, with room for a water bottle? How it looked. No, it is nothing beautiful like my brown Fossil leather satchel, but it’s not ugly either. It’s practical, it’s black, it has clean lines and it’s compact. I am content taking this bag along when heading to Scotland next month. On top of that, Andrew won’t mind carrying it if I get tired of holding onto the camera, yippee!


A little steep in price, I paid $76.99 for this bad boy, but I knew I was going to have to pay around this at any camera store anyways. This is not a camera bag per say, rather it is titled as a travel bag, but the functionality of this cross-body really is perfect for my camera. It is so sleek looking when I put it on, you wouldn’t even know a big, bulky SLR is in there! Yes a little pricey, but with it’s light-weight feel when it is fully loaded, along with all it’s anti-theft features, I got what I paid for.

As happy as I am with this bag find, I have not actually tested it out yet mind you. However, these are the features which sold me on it, but I am hoping to give my thoughts on this bag after I have used it to it’s fullest potential over in the UK.


What bags work best for you when travelling?

Have you found YOUR perfect camera bag yet?


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