I’VE MOVED! Continue Following me on Lesson Plans & Layovers

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 10.11.33 AM

I have moved my blog back to my original site…where it all started, almost two years ago!


I started up Lesson Plans & Layovers when I was still out in Saskatchewan. Recently though, I thought the name of my blog wasn’t good enough, wasn’t catchy enough, so I switched it to The Travelling Teacher. It’s so hard and difficult when starting up a blog, because ultimately it’s for you to enjoy, but deep down you know you want it to be successful and you want it to flourish. With that you need a catchy blog title. All in all, I’ve decided to keep with what I originally started out with – I apologize to readers for all the confusion and switching around, but this time, I’ve moved for good!

Continue following my adventures in teaching & travelling HERE!

Thank you for understanding!

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