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So Why Start a Blog?

After discussions amongst some of my co-workers, a bunch of us talked about starting blogs about things we were interested in. Some started cooking blogs, others wanted to create blogs about fashion, but when it came time for me to sit down and think of what I wanted to write about, I honestly could not pinpoint one specific theme for myself. I began to look at what my passions were and what I enjoyed doing most.

I am currently a grade 3/4 teacher and LOVE it! I look forward to going to work each & every day and I love how happy I am doing what I do. I also have a great love for travelling and seeing new places. I spend hours musing over countless numbers of travel blogs, goggling over the different places I have yet to discover.

On top of teaching & travelling, I enjoy staying as active as possible, whether that be through just working out, biking, snorkelling or hiking. When I’m looking for downtime, reading, writing, DIYing, or curling up on the couch to watch a movie is what you may catch me doing.

I am in the prime of my twenties, living in my lovely hometown of Cambridge, teaching by day & making travel plans by night. I am in love with the most amazing boy a girl could ask for, who’s passion for travel is just as large as mine. I am also surrounded by the greatest family & friends.

Life right now is honestly perfect…so why not blog about it all? 🙂

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