Teaching Experiences

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Private School – Burlington, Ontario

I was so fortunate to land this job upon my move back to southern Ontario back in August 2014. I am currently teaching grade 3/4 and I absolutely love it! Teaching in a private school has its challenges, but it most certainly has its perks as well! I am so lucky to have such wonderful staff support at this school, which helps me to professionally develop my love for literacy in the classroom.


St. Mary’s Community School – North Battleford, Saskatchewan

I graduated from university in the spring of 2013, and yet despite the great success I felt in receiving my diplomas, I was deeply worried as to what I was going to do about finding a full-time job. I am from southern Ontario, where there are ZERO teaching jobs at the moment. In an attempt of desperation, I started to look for teaching positions in western Canada. I was so blessed to have been offered a one-year contract to teach in the province of Saskatchewan! I had the wonderful privilege to teach to the best grade 4 class at a community school and I absolutely loved it! Moving to SK brought upon many changes for me – I lived in the land of pickup trucks, small towns, open fields, country music, cowboys, and -30 winters. I was positive that within a months time I would be packing my bags & heading back home to Ontario. I surprised myself – I enjoyed everything about my year out west from my classroom, to my new friendships formed. I can never thank the LOCCSD enough for giving me this chance and opportunity – it changed my life.



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